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Decor, General Purpose

Lid For Plastic Squeeze Bottle

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Colour : Blue
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  • Décor Cook® Sauce Dispensers feature our exclusive slide-away stopper cap, this clever cap remains tethered to the bottle once removed so you will never loose a lid again! Available in three handy sizes 1L, 500ml and 250ml all sauces dispensers are  clearly marked with graduated measurements. Ideal for sauces but also perfect for dispensing salad dressings, oils and even cake decorating.
  • Keep your kitchen organised with color coded lids. 
  • Lids Fit all 3 Sizes of 250ml, 500ml and 1Litre

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The Decor Cook Sauce Dispenser features a slide-away stopper cap that remains tethered to the bottle once removed, so you will never lose a lid again! It is available in three handy sizes (1L, 500ml, and 250ml) and is clearly marked with graduated measurements. It is perfect for dispensing sauces, salad dressings, oils, and even cake decorating. The lids fit all three sizes of squeeze bottles and are available in assorted colors.

Data sheet

Brand Decor
Material Plastic
Range General Purpose
Color Blue

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