For Professional Needs. Excellent Quality. Designed for Life.

Bonna Crockery combines style and functionality, offering premium porcelain dishes that are as durable as they are beautiful. Ideal for high-volume dining settings, this range includes plates, bowls, and platters designed to enhance your table settings and elevate your meal presentations.

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21 CM 27 CM
Bonna Maze

Maize Round Coupe Plate

Reference: CRBON120215
22 CM 28 CM
Bonna Lunar

White Round Plate

Reference: CRBON130214
Pack of 6
19.3 x 11.2 CM 29 x 17.5 CM
Bonna Alhambra

Oval Coupe Dish

Reference: CRBON110993
32 CM
Bonna Alhambra

Round Coupe Platter

Reference: CRBON120010
27 CM 30 CM
Bonna Diamond

Round Banquet Plate

Reference: CRBON110317
34 x 23 CM
Bonna Lunar

White Oval Platter

Reference: CRBON130224
23.3 x 16.5 CM
Bonna Patera

Rectangular Platter

Reference: CRBON120280
36.5 x 28.5 CM
Bonna Alhambra

Oval Coupe Platter

Reference: CRBON110999
35 x 17 CM
Bonna Alhambra

Rectangular Platter

Reference: CRBON120001
21 CM 27 CM
Bonna Alhambra

Round Coupe Plate

Reference: CRBON120005
20 CM
Bonna Alhambra

Round Dish

Reference: CRBON120004
23 CM
Bonna Alhambra

Round Flared Bowl

Reference: CRBON120015
32 CM
Bonna Luca

Mosiac Round Coupe Platter

Reference: CRBON130150
32 CM
Bonna Maze

Round Platter

Reference: CRBON120220
400 ML
Bonna Ocean

Round Bowl

Reference: CRBON130117
25 CM
Bonna Diamond

Round Deep Coupe Plate

Reference: CRBON110324
  • New
28 CM
Bonna Diamond

Round Deep Plate With Rim

Reference: CRBON110325
  • New
16 CM
Bonna Lunar

Ocean Round Plate

Reference: CRBON130105
  • New