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Steelite, Freestyle


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Steelite Performance FreeStyle

Strength and value never looked better Performance combines presentation with practicality. The range comprises smart, functional and affordable pieces in a variety of designs that are easily able to withstand the trials of daily use.

FreeStyle is a creative and functional range that puts an organic and elegant twist on a modern concept in casual dining. Designed to present menus in an exciting and contemporary way with complementary a-symmetric shapes and compositions of dishes, FreeStyle offers multiple presentation solutions for the ever explorative consumer.

  • Performance – combining presentation and durability
  • Practical and stunning designs
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Exceptional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
  • An extensive selection of shapes, patterns and colours
  • Multi-functional pieces
  • All items freezer, dishwasher and microwave proof
  • Functional and durable

The Steelite Performance FreeStyle bowl is a reliable and functional piece that is perfect for everyday use. The bowl is made from high quality materials that are resistant to thermal and mechanical shock, making it a durable and long lasting option. The Steelite FreeStyle bowl is also microwave and dishwasher safe, making it a convenient and easy to care for option.

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Brand Steelite
Material Ceramic
Range Freestyle
Color White

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