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NV Chemicals, Disinfectant & Anti-Bacterial Detergent

Industrial Disinfectant - Lemon

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Colour : Yellow
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Manufactured in Melbourne from a high concentrate of Cleaning Agents, this Disinfectant cleans and deodorises most surfaces and removes grime and dirt from the surface eliminating bacteria.

Unique spirit based air freshener disinfectant is used in kitchens, bathrooms and toilet areas of hotels, motels, restaurants and offices. Useful for wiping benches and tables after meals or use.

Our Industrial Grade disinfectants a quaternary ammonium based commercial disinfectant, Sanitiser and deodorant. Lemon disinfectant incorporates a non-ionic detergent that can be used for general cleaning use.

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Brand NV Chemicals
Range Disinfectant & Anti-Bacterial Detergent
Color Yellow

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